GP Staffing Plan for Human Resources

GP Staffing Plan for General Practitioners

GP Staffing Plan for General Practitioners

Date: ____ / ____ / ________ (DD/MM/YYYY)


With the aim of providing quality healthcare services to our patients, we need to develop a staffing plan for our General Practitioner (GP) team. This plan will help ensure adequate coverage and efficient utilization of resources.


The primary objectives of the GP staffing plan are as follows:

  1. Maintain appropriate staffing levels to meet patient demand.
  2. Optimize the scheduling of GPs to minimize wait times and maximize patient satisfaction.
  3. Ensure a well-balanced workload among GPs to prevent burnout and maintain quality of care.
  4. Provide flexibility for unplanned absences, such as sick leave or vacation time.

Current Workload Analysis:

Before determining the staffing requirements, it is essential to analyze the current workload and patient demand. This analysis will help identify any patterns or trends that can influence the staffing plan.

  • Number of daily patient appointments: ________
  • Average consultation time per patient: ________ minutes
  • Peak hours of patient appointments: ________ – ________ (provide specific time range)
  • Average number of patient no-shows per day: ________
  • Average number of emergency cases per day: ________

Staffing Requirements:

Based on the workload analysis and the objectives of the staffing plan, the following staffing requirements are recommended:

  1. Full-time GPs:

    • Number required: ________ (based on patient demand and workload)
    • Work schedule: Monday to Friday, ________ AM to ________ PM
    • Additional duties: ________ (e.g., administrative tasks, meetings)
  2. Part-time GPs:

    • Number required: ________ (as needed to supplement full-time GPs and cover peak hours)
    • Work schedule: ________ (e.g., evenings, weekends)
    • Additional duties: ________ (e.g., specific clinic responsibilities)

Call Coverage:

To ensure proper coverage outside of regular clinic hours, a call coverage schedule should be implemented. This will ensure that patients can access medical advice or assistance even when the clinic is closed.

  • On-call GPs: ________ (number of GPs available for on-call duties)
  • Rotation schedule: ________ (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly)
  • Contact information for on-call GPs: ________ (phone numbers, emails)

Contingency Plan:

In cases of unplanned absences, such as sick leaves or unexpected events, a contingency plan should be in place to ensure continuity of care.

  • Arrange coverage through part-time GPs or locum doctors.
  • Document the process for communication and handover between doctors.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Regular monitoring and evaluation of the staffing plan are crucial to assess its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. The following measures can be implemented:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Monitoring appointment wait times.
  • Staff feedback and consultations.


This GP staffing plan is subject to approval by the clinic management. Modifications may be made based on their feedback and recommendations.

Thank you for your attention to this GP staffing plan. By implementing this plan, we aim to provide our patients with quality healthcare services while ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our GPs.

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