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Principal and Teachers Booster Pack

→ Educational Process and RoadMap

→ School Policy and Contract

→ Comprehensive teaching kit

→  +500 Other Formats


Graphics Bundle

→   Educational Canva Designs 

→  +6000 Social Media Brand Kit

→  Premium Logos and Fonts

→  Education Infographics & PPT

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Booster Pack Templates

Document Toolkit

Education Infographics (.ppt)

Safety and Compliance

Business Documents

Some Screenshots

Up Your Social Media Game

Whats Included in Business Booster

Easy to Edit and Print Ready

All documents are updated as per Indian Educational Standards. The paper size is A4 which is the legal standard in Indian documentation. 

Compatible with popular software such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. PDF Documents are instructions and guides. 

Easily edit, save and print with ease anytime.

This central collection is imperative for efficient management of your professional practice or startup, making your daily operations effortlessly streamlined.   From Human Resources and Financial Planning to Project Management and Customer Relations.

Boost your Workflow

Premium Canva Bundle (BONUS)

(1077 Reviews)

  • This bonus will save you countless hours and relieve you from the rigmarole of planning, designing, and formulating your own social media contents.
  • Our bundle is your one-stop-shop to hundreds of hours saved in planning, creating, and perfecting content for your educational institution. Double your student engagement, grow your institution’s reputation and ultimately enhance your educational impact.
  • With an academic calendar for 2024 & 2025 and masterfully crafted designs, promoting your institution has never been more engaging and effortless

→ +5000 ready-to-publish templates

→ Comprehensive teaching planners

→ +10000 Institution-centric fonts and logos

→ Professional ID cards for staff

→ Materials for festivals and events

→ +1000 Education-enriched websites

→ +250 More educational formats

Legal and Compliance (BONUS)

(1077 Reviews)

  • We have designed the finest assortment of business and legal documents, uniquely tailored for principals and teachers, into one superior package.
  • Brace yourself for an extraordinary selection of educational and legal resources consolidated into one exclusive package.
  • The Principal and Teacher Booster pack houses 200+ agreements, orientation checklists, training forms, and academic calendars.
  • Save countless hours of documentation with this specialist bundle.  

→ Comprehensive startup toolkit

→ Curriculum and lesson plan bundle

→ Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

→ School Policy and Contract Agreements

→ Inspiring Quotes & Teaching templates

→ School finances, budget models etc

→ Caters to +47 educational domains

→ +270 More Formats and Templates

Smart Infographics Kit (BONUS)

(1077 Reviews)

  • We have assembled the best infographics to articulate your Educational Institute or startup’s goals and ideas with ease.
  • In the realm of education, visuals and diagrams hold immense power. We’ve accumulated the best slides, delicately selected to express your school’s aims and strategies seamlessly.
  • Our pack of +1000 easily adjustable infographics and +10,000 adaptable icons is an invaluable asset and a must-have for all educational leaders.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint and Google Docs.

→ Study maps, Lesson diagrams

→ Curriculum Flow, Milestones, Calendars

→ Staff and Class Charts

→ Educational Process and RoadMap

→ SWOT Analysis, Progress Metrics

→ Risk Management, Safety Protocol

→ +10K Customisable Icons Included

→ And So Much More …

TRUST - is what we EARN

Ready to up your Professional Game?

Principals and Teachers, the architects of our future. You seamlessly shape young minds every day, but what about the nitty-gritty behind the scenes?

The paperwork, compliance, training… It’s a lot, isn’t it? But what if I told you we’ve got a magic wand for you, one that transforms these cumbersome tasks into an effortless process – The Principal and Teacher Booster Pack.

It’s a digital toolbox packed with meticulously curated, ready-to-use templates and documents with the sole aim to skyrocket your institution’s productivity, enhance administrative efficiency, and heighten academic standards.

2400+ Copies Sold PAN India. Grab Yours Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive an instant email with all the links to various modules along with your purchase invoice. Download the modules by following the links provided.

Yes, 100% of the documents provided can be opened using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You could also use Google Docs to open and customise the files. And the Canva templates are easily customisable as well.

Yes, future updates will be provided to you via the Email ID, once it ready. We Typically provide updates around July of Every Year.

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