Frequently asked questions

1. How do i download the digital product after payment?

Click on the files that are made available to you post the payment to start the download.

2. How to i open the digital product?

The digital downloads can be of multiple formats and might require different software or tools to open. Some popular ones are listed below:

Sl NoType of digital productExtensionsSoftware/Tool needed
1ImagesPNG, JPG, JPEGImage viewer, Photos
2PDFPDFAcrobat Reader, PDF Reader
4SpreadsheetXLS, XLSXMS Excel
5ZipZIP, RAR, 7ZIPArchiver (mac), 7zip, WinRar
Digital products and their supported software

3. How do i print my printable product?

In case your order is a printable product, it can be printed using household printers most of the time. You can also print it at your local shop or reach out to an online print service.

4. Can I return my digital product?

Most of the product comes with a 7 days return guarantee, check the product description for moneyback badge.

5. How do i reach you if i an order related query?

For any order-related queries contact us by clicking here.

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