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I have been teaching pre-K and Kindergarten kids for 7 years. I have created several curriculum for the overall early development of memory and cognition in kids. Kids are not like adults or teens, they need visually captivating illustrations and activities that they could relate to. The templates that we build are designed to be highly engaging and fun.

Samantha Drew
Kindergarten teacher, 7 years

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Feel free to reach out to me in case of any questions.

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    Maths and Logic Worksheets

    Your little one will learn to tell time, counting and writing numbers, elemental addition and subtraction, measurement, weights, shapes, and logic, which are all essential for overall development. The best part is they enjoy while learning it.

    Alphabets and Words Tracing

    With this alphabet bundle, your little one will learn to write and recognize alphabets, practice them to improve handwriting, practice common words that boost vocabulary and spelling. Individual alphabet coloring sheets are included as well.


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